IPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Can Apple's newest flagship defeat Samsung's?

IPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Can Apple's newest flagship defeat Samsung's?

Till then, we have a painfully long period of wait at hand till we can grab hold of the smartphones. Apple is still offering a mid-range product lineup with the iPhone 8, even if - as the iPhone X's emphasis on features Apple says are the smartphone's future shows - it's going to be a de facto bridge release to Apple's full-screen, buttonless future.

Thanks to some of the leaks, it's now clear that Apple has chose to ditch the "S" version of iPhone 7 launched past year. It's a visual signal of the smartphone's completed transformation - from a phone that happens to have a screen on it to a computer that might have a phone in it, not that you'll ever use it - but not a feature that introduces a new way to use your phone, like voice to text, or category of use, the way Touch ID introduced mobile payment. Last gen the Samsung Galaxy S8 overtook the iPhone 7 in terms of power, although not by too much, so it's not too surprising to think that the A11 chip will usurp Samsung's S8 when it arrives in September. While Galaxy S8 starts from $720 and S8 Plus from $830, the price of just launched Galaxy Note 8 starts from $920.

Apple is bucking its traditional naming convention by calling the new phones iPhone 8 rather than 7S. As the failure of premium smartphone manufacturer Vertu illustrated, most luxury buyers are fine with Apple or Samsung, as they're popular, well-built and signal that you can afford to drop significant cash on a phone.

The new Apple A11 "Bionic" processor is set to be a performance leader if the benchmarks we've seen online are anything to go by.

That gap could close Tuesday when Samsung's fierce rival Apple unveils its newest iPhone.

The biggest competitor to the 5.8-inch 64GB iPhone X is the 5.8-inch 64GB Samsung S8, which also has an edge-to-edge display, facial recognition and wireless charging. It's an edge-to-edge display that Samsung calls the Infinity Display. There have been no signs since of those phones actually hitting the market.

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Apple is also expected to switch to an OLED display as they use less battery and provide better black levels than LED panel that Apple uses in its iPhones. Suddenly, you won't want to be seen with a phone that isn't all screen.

After two full generations of design similarity from Apple and an nearly certain shift to the winning 18:9 aspect ratio as the tip of the iceberg, Apple's new iPhones will serve a feeding frenzy of pent-up demand from the tony end of its base. I know what many of you are thinking: There is no way you'll pay US$1,000 (RM4,200) or more for an iPhone.

Sensor: Samsung's first dual-camera lenses come with some serious sensors and a more than capable shooters.Warsi again couldn't confirm which sensor had been used in the Note 8.

The iPhone X also promises the technology can't be fooled by pictures, which is something Samsung had to fix after the release of the S8. It's unclear whether Samsung's 2018 Note will offer similar functionality.

It seems Samsung has found that new feature - foldable display.

While it's hard to guess what's actually cooking up at Apple's factory, let's wait for few more hours instead of speculating more about the special edition of iPhone on its 10th anniversary.